20 August 2014

HOW TO: Recover Text Messages, Contacts from iPhone

Do you think that only computer can make data lost? At present, due to careless and mistakes, there are too many users who delete the data unconsciously. 
For example, it is common for iPhone users lost data accidently, such as when they change new mobile and wrong operation. For many iPhone users, the essential information in iPhone is text messages and contacts as they will be unable to contact with the right person if the related data is lost. It will bring big problems for iPhone users.

In consideration of this situation, iPhone users are keen for appropriate way to have iPhone helper to restore data for them in case data lost suddenly. Which is the better recovery software for recovering iPhone data? Thus, some recommendations are offered for iPhone users. 

 Introducing Coolmuster iPhone/iPad/iPod Data Recovery

As the name shown, Coolmuster iPhone/iPad/iPod Data Recovery is the special software for recovering data from iPhone. It is specialized in working on iPhone and supports iOS system. This is the guide on how to retrieve deleted messages from iPhone on Mac or Windows.

Image: Coolmuster Devices
Accidentally deleted data? Have a broken iPhone or even lost your iDevice? No matter why your data’s in jeopardy, iOS Data Recovery (Mac) gets it all back on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, including the iPhone 5S and iOS 7. Retrieve data directly from your device, or via its iTunes/iCloud backup file. Either way, you can clearly preview all contacts, text messages, photos, and more before recovery, and selectively recover whatever only what you want—something you can't do with iTunes! When disaster strikes, don't panic! iOS Data Recovery (Mac)is your reliable prescription for getting your content back from iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Not only for iPhone users but also other mobile users, how to restore the data from mobile becomes more important issue than ever before. It is the top task for all users to care. Therefore, the proper transfer software standing by on users’ computer is the best solution for users to avoid data lost permanently. With the easy installation operation interface, it takes a few seconds to complete the installation of Coolmuster iPhone/iPad/iPod Data Recovery. Users can find that the interface is clean and fast. It works well on the popular browsers. There is no extra plug-in, no advertisement popped up, and no any rubbish on the program. It is really green software so far. 

Recovering Data
It is said that more than half amount of iPhone users do not turn on the online backup functions for their Apple devices. At the same time, they are too busy to sync their iPhone regularly. More and more text messages and contacts are swarmed continually in their iPhone card or memory. Sometimes, they feel very hard in searching due to nearly full messages and contacts inside. 

To solve this problem, IT engineers suggested that, if iPhone users are lack of time to back up data, the effectively approach is to install Coolmuster iPhone/iPad/iPod Data Recovery right now. As long as iPhone users experience the first time transferring text messages and contacts from iPhone to computer with the help of this program, they will know well how easy the program can operate and how good the result is. Especially, they can be reminded to syncing their iPhone data via iTunes.  For all other iDevices, including iPhone 5S/5C/5, iPod touch 5, iPad 2, iPad mini, extract your device’s iTunes backup files to get back all previously synced SMS, contacts, notes, call logs, etc. It can directly extract and restore deleted contacts on iPhone without iTunes backup.

According to the latest survey shown, the most common mistakes of losing data from iPhone are due to users’ wrong operation. It is not too late to have recovery software when lost data. Above all, iPhone users need to take note well that the lost data cannot be overwritten by new data before recovery. Otherwise, it may lead to data lost permanently and no long can be recovered. 

Image/Source: coolmuster.com


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