29 July 2014

Hotmail Founder Funds Startup Revolutionizing Email

Email is the most prevalent form of communication in the workplace. Over 100 billion business emails are sent and received every day, and the average person spends 11.2 hours every week on email — almost a third of the workweek!

But shockingly, groups aren't able to maximize their teamwork using email. Team members are not on the same page because it’s easy to leave members out in the cc. Often people lose time trying to use external collaboration tools. 
Use ccZen to organize with groups at work, 
school, and at home with your family.
The best solution for this is to unify your teams with a single unique group email address that works with your current email. A UC Berkeley team led by Adithya Jayachandran has created ccZen, backed principally by Hotmail founder Sabeer Bhatia, who’s aiming to create the next revolution in email.

What is ccZen and how it works
ccZen is the simplest way to create a group email  address, straight from your current inbox. No downloads or logins are required. Best of all, it works across all email providers worldwide and is safe, secure, and free. 

Create a group with the snap of a finger for your teams, school groups, family, and more:
Create Team using [email protected]
School Group
Family Group
HOW TO Create Custom Group Email (3 Steps)

Now, create your own custom group email in 3 easy steps:
Later this summer, ccZen will add never been seen features that will redefine the way you and your teams work with email.

ccZen is free to use, but the limited beta registration is filling up quickly, so sign  up now!

To learn more, go to www.cczen.com

Source/Image: ccZen Full Rights

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