02 July 2014

Android L Developer Preview & 5 Great Features

Google unveiled its "Android L release" in Fall. For a quick take, it give developers a chance to try and see it. For quick glance, Android L has 3 major changes: its VISUAL redesign, improved notifications, and multitasking.

According to the official website, it has a new consistent UI design, new RUNTIME(ART), pretty-enhanced notifications, and increased resource efficiency.

Here are the 5 Android L features
  • Dialer option
It visually attractive because instead of name, the person's face is shown.
  • Lock screen notifications
It will prioritize to display relevant information: calls, messages, events, and other important features.

Image: Screenshot / Google Android L

  • Popup notifications (handy)
Tired of being distracted whenever someone calls you? This feature is a great and convenient way. It will allow your phone to alert to take action.
  • Android ART Runtime
Android will now enter the world of 64-bit (more memory and performance) and it will build on ART runtime: ART(Android Runtime)
  • Project Volta
Project Volta is to make the platform energy efficient and to give more control over resource usage. Accordingly, Android L will stack "WAKELOCKS". Also, sync data across number of apps and services simultaneously.

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