01 June 2014

Is Payloog.com Real Or Fake? [Review]

Wow! Just Terribly WOW. I saw yet another scam site that says they will give a huge sum of money. And I just whispered — seriously?

One THOUSAND dollar question: Is Payloog.com Real Or Fake?
My Answer: Is HECK NO!

What does its name definitely mean?

Payloog? LOOG? I searched for the word "LOOG" but I can't find any meaning for it. Perhaps an ACRONYM? or can be read backward "GOOL" ? Either way, it makes no exact definition. Thus, its not a kind to engage strange or without proper meaning(vision and mission).
Payloog.com logo
Payloog.com logo

If you have been engaged to other similar(GUI) websites, see interface below. You might be familiar with the design though.

What is Payloog.com?

Payloog is a SCAM website that enables[NOT] members to earn money. It also a great part time source to earn ten times(huh? joke?) greater than ordinary job. Lastly, it will[NOT] earn you 25$ upon joining and has 10$ per tasks.

Payloog.com Interface
Payloog.com Interface
Reasons Why Payloog is FAKE, BOGUS, and SCAM

1. Name itself is STRANGE
2. Plain and Simple Registration
3. Lauren Murray a marketing manager and Joshia Frauhmin is the head of deployment at breadcrumb by Session electronics Philippines are totally FICTION and NOT real.
4. Fake Statistics
Total Paid: $786,469 USD      Total Members:  137928         Online: 253
5. Fake payment options
6. No FORUM discussion
7. No Contact Information
8. No Owners Information
9. One and Annoying Job
10. Hilarious Terms and conditions


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