22 June 2014

HOW TO: Download SCRIBD Documents 100% FREE

In doing research, we tend to get more external online sources particularly on subjects which need facts especially on documents/presentations — of course, we, in most cases, know a quite useful website, Scribd (which holds largest online documents ranging from e-books, documents, ppts, etc.)

However, most of those files in Scribd that are so important require to PAY before viewing or downloading it. Quality and eye-catching-best presentations are not available FOR FREE. You need to pay for membership for it. The good news is that you can actually DOWNLOAD it For FREE! How?
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Yes, I am definitely SURE and 100% experienced it. 

First things first

Update: Before downloading some so-called-premium-type files, you need to upload a useful file.

Scribd is one of the largest document/presentation sharing services available. If you are familiar with SlideShare, pretty sure, you will get a hook for its similarities. It is also considered to be the world’s biggest digital libraries, consist of all kinds of written books. Scribd has first launched in March 2007 and its already consist 40million FREE e-books and it doubles the size every year. Thus, you are one of the 80 million people use, view, and download of Scribd monthly.

However, Scribd is not totally a FREE SERVICE. Shall I say, it is a FREEMIUM service?

Free Membership has its limited number of documents to be viewed or downloaded. Although, there's a script or downloader out there.  In Subscription rate, Scribd readers can view and read all such documents from their favorite mobile platforms. Subscription lowest monthly fee of $8.99 is required to read contents from Scribd.

This post shall be useful to download more FILES for FREE. No NEED to create ACCOUNT, No need to PAY MEMBERSHIP.

Note: With this trick or I think it's the Scribd bug or loophole, you will certainly bypass that subscription membership dialog window.

Update: There is no loophole now. If you want to download some files which need to subscribe or pay, you will first upload files before downloading it.

HOW TO: Download SCRIBD Documents 100% FREE

1. First, look a document to download 
2. Copy its Link URL
2. To download, you need to log in with Facebook
3. Click Start Uploading located below subscription information.

4. Upload any kinds of documents. Here I uploaded .pdf sample file.
Note: It displays, Once you upload an approved document, you will be able to download the document

5. Add title or description, and click Save and Continue
6. Paste the copied link in Step 2
7. Click Download

Only PDF and DOC format files can view and download in this tutorial.

Of course, if you don't have files to upload, you can check this useful site. Note: I don't own the site, I added it here because it is very useful.
Please see privacy of this site for reference.

Enjoy! :3

Update: June 16, 2016

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