11 May 2014

World's Toughest Job Video Interview: Prank Interview

Do you know the toughest job with no SALARY and works everyday in 365 days? If you want to know the "World's Toughest Job", you should watch it here.

Would you really take a JOB with unlimited hours, no breaks and no pay? Someone you know might!
screenshot: Interviewed one applicant via videoconference

Watch it here:

CardStore is an American Greeting Card Company that hopes to change with its viral video. The campaign video was successfully became a TREND and VIRAL with the help of Boston-based advertising agency Mullen for its Mother's Day.

In the video, Mullen(advertising video) posted a PRANK yet genuine-looking job that offers online. Mullen aslso used both Skype software to make a videoconference center in New York City to film/record the interviews. The person conducting the interviews was a paid actor, who told the job applicants that he was in Houston. In reality, the paid actor was talking to them from another room in the same center.

According to Yahoo!, the agency listed a number of prerequisites before it will hire workers. The said company(Rehtom Inc. — if you write it backwards it will become "Mother") requires potential job applicants, which include:
  • PhD in psychology or real-life equivalent
  • crisis management skills
  • the ability to manage a minimum of 10-15 projects at one time
  • working from 135 to an unlimited number of hours per week
  • No vacation
  • Holidays workload will be increased
  • Salary? There is no SALARY
One of the interviewees had said that its "Insane" and "inhumane" when she heard about the job description. But after the interviewer revealed that the Job already been worked with billions of people all over the world. Outlining the tasks of motherhood, interviewees were smiled.

World's Toughest Job with a hashtag #worldstoughestjob video was created by CardStore.com and was uploaded last April 14 2014 on YouTube Page. As of 05/11/2014, it has grew already with a massive 18,556,346 views.

Happy Mother's Day to all!


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