25 May 2014

Is FixMonthlyPaid Real or Fake?

I did not know some of these "familiar-looking" websites exist. Its kinda been awhile since I reviewed this kind of stuff website.

Although, I admit, its already there playing-hiding on some social sites. The thing is, which is hard to believe, people still patronizing the said websites. Well, who knows? Its FREE and there is no HARM.

Okay, its really FREE and it takes no Harm...that's wrong. I agree its FREE but the TIME is expensive. Time spent on useless and no guarantee sites is indeed an expensive one.

Harm? There is. You just can't feel it but how about your sensitive information?

Today, I gladly say, fixmonthlypaid.com is such a scam!

Claim: It generates 1500$ first week with a simple task of 5-10 minutes
Brief answer: Fake. It is scam.
Here is a sneak peek of its design. Seems familiar?
Reasons Why it is Fake, Scam, and Bogus: Fixmonthypaid.com

1. No actual evidence shown in their website
You can check it by yourself, and you can't find it. This is one big factor to contribute its legality. But a failure!

2. Current Statistics don't actually update(static)
It should at least increments the value of every jobs completed, earned, and approved. You will definitely see the same exact number.

3. Plain and Simple Registration
With the advanced web technology pops out everywhere, this website has no support with the latest security protocol to protect its members. The following security measures should install in  the website:

  • Authentication tool
  • Captcha(anti-bot spam)
  • Confirmation Link
  • Secure HTTP
4. Recent payments is FAKE
Although it displays in their website, it does not mean you already believed it is TRUE. Well, its recent payments displayed is kinda icing but its fake.

5. Discussion at least be installed
No forum or any discussion tool for the members and admin to interact. Forum is a great place to express ideas, legalities, and frustrations about the service of the site. Of course, the website does not need this because they are fake in the first place.

6. One job only: referral link
Oh, they have said that it has unlimited positions but the only job you will be working on is REFERRING your link to earn though.

7. Cashout Issue
If you happen to work for your referral link and its time to cashing out. Before getting your money, you MUST answer the survey(which they can earn money) first, then after, it just hangs up there. Annoying.

8. Contact Issue
Most of the problems encountered is cashing out. One way to address it is to send a proper explanation or in a good way, query/ask them what the hell happen. But they don't have support staff for you. Sorry!

Final Thoughts

Fixmonthlypaid is not real. It simply wants you to be part of their success by giving you enticing earning potential to work for them. But in reality, they making you fool. You work hard but they won't even give your money.


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