11 May 2014

HOW TO: NOT Seenzoned in Facebook

Probably one of the key features in Facebook is Seen. When someone sends private message or chat you and you read it, it eventually displays seen(with check icon and timestamp) to the one sent message/chat. This is a quite powerful indication that the other end is indeed reading your chat or message whenever you have seen "SEEN".

However, it can be hurt sometimes. Like, you create a message for that someone with effort but it turns out that he/she just reads it and does not even reply to your messages. Painful right? Most especially, when that someone matters you most.

So how not to hurt and avoid being seenzoned?
Being ignore is better than being seenzoned. Right? Because ignoring merely means that he/she does not have time to read your chat message.

hello test seenzoned
With few tests, I figured it out on how to NOT seen chat message came from someone.

mark as read
Note: Maybe some people already use this technique. So it might not new though. But for the sake on not to hurt somebody, I share it here.

Here it is: 

HOW TO: NOT Seenzoned in Facebook

When someone chats or messages you, all you have to do is click the Message Icon (see below). In that way, you can read the message and it will not display "SEEN" to the other end.

Unless you click the Mark as Read(circle icon), surely, it will be seen.
Note: It works on Desktop and Mobile.

What if it has messages more than one line? Will you see all of that messages?

Note: "More than line" indicates how many you have pressed "Enter Key" or Send.

Answer: You can only see his/her latest message.

TIP: If you want to know if he/she will read it, then chat or message him/her with few number of messages lines.
multiple line

To avoid hurting your friends, use this technique. :3 But ignoring them makes a lot of unread messages in your Inbox.

Of course, try to become diplomatic, if it is worth for the reply then you should do reply. It makes them more worthy enough to know that you cared

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