16 May 2014

Google Doodle Features 296th Birthday of Maria Gaetana Agnesi

Hello Wazzup, its been awhile since I made a post about Google Doodle. Today, Google Doodle celebrated  an Italian mathematician and philosopher Maria Gaetana Agnesi. Who is she? What are her contributions?

According to Independent, Google Doodle animation was called Witch of Agnesi Curve.  Maria was born on May 16, 1718 to a wealthy silk merchant. It was believed that she is the first woman in Western to gain reputation as a mathematician.
 Witch of Agnesi Curve
 Witch of Agnesi Curve

Her best-known works:
  • Instituzioni analitiche ad uso della giovent├╣ italiana, or the Analytical Institutions for the Use of Italian Youth
  • Explored algebra and analysis in two volumes(where the name the Witch of Agnesi came about)
Maria Gaetana Agnesi was an Italian mathematician and philosopher. She is credited with writing the first book discussing both differential and integral calculus and was an honorary member of the faculty at the University of Bologna

She died at aged 81.

Google Doodle Animation

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