15 May 2014

Globe Telecom Fights Text Spams

Did you feel irritated and annoyed when you receive SPAM texts in your phone? Most of us will surely answer YES. Worse is upon receiving the message, it eats up your load.

With that, Globe Telecom has a good news to its subscribers.

Globe Telecom launched a campaign to crack down on companies involved in sending unsolicited text advertisements or text spams.

Globe asked the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to order Caritas Shield Inc. the payment of the appropriate fines and penalties for sending text spam to Globe subscribers. Globe also asked the NTC to permanently bar Caritas, its agents and employees from sending these spam texts to Globe customers. Other companies whose agents employ marketing strategies that involve sending text spams will be dealt with similarly.

StopSPAM on iPhone
StopSPAM on iPhone
 How to STOP SPAM messages in iPhone?
1. Just open your inbox
2. Click Contact
3. Click i icon you wish to block
4. Scroll down to the bottom
5. Tap Block Contact
StopSPAM on ANdroid
StopSPAM on ANdroid
 How to STOP SPAM messages in Android Phone?
2. Choose SPAM message Settings
3. Add to SPAM Numbers and add SPAMMERS'S numbers
4. Go back and click "Add to SPAM Phrases"
5. Add spam phrases to filter it.

Caritas has been sending spam text messages to Globe and TM subscribers, soliciting and enticing them to avail of its health care and insurance products. Text spams coming from Caritas have adversely affected the reputation of the company against its customers and caused “massive irritation” to Globe subscribers, resulting in numerous complaints with its customer service department.

The crackdown versus companies involved in text spams follows an information drive launched by Globe in January this year aimed at educating subscribers on how to deal with irritating text spams. The information drive resulted in a total of 384 mobile numbers deactivated from Globe service in the first four months of the year, 11% higher than the total number of mobile numbers blocked from Globe for the whole of 2013.

May you also promote the hashtag #STOPSPAM in line with Globe’s campaign?

Source: Globe Telecom PR

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