10 May 2014

Globe Telecom Campaign for Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is Mother's Day! What are your gifts to your beloved mom? A simple yet memorable one is the BEST.

How will you celebrate Mother's Day?

For the great part, Globe Telecom launched its campaign for Mother's Day!

In a Youtube video, it has different ways to pay tribute to all mothers by the use of technology esp. Internet usage.

Born and welcomed into a world with tablets, laptops, and mobile phones by their bedside tables, this generation of Digital Natives truly has the world at their fingertips. Globe creates a wonderful digital world for these children through safe internet use.

Mothers Day Digital Natives Globe Telecom
Mothers Day Digital Natives Globe Telecom

Digital natives comprise the first generation to grow up “digitally” and so have a fundamentally different relationship with technology and a greater understanding of its concepts.

Globe Telecom, being one of the top data and internet service providers in the country, creates a wonderful digital world for these natives through a healthy cyber culture, specifically safe internet use.

Globe pays tribute to the mothers of these digital natives, the users of today and tomorrow, who are kept safe both online and offline.

May you also tweet about this campaign with the hashtag #WonderfulMom? In addition, this is the video link to be shared: http://youtu.be/OAJ5-HIAAfE

Thank you very much! 

Happy Mother’s Day to your mom !

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