20 May 2014

Globe Telecom: Advisory on Text Scams

Globe Telecom shares and disseminates an urgent advisory to its customers against SCAMMERS on Text messages.

In public advisory with a hashtag #StopScam, Globe warns its subscribers to be always aware on some common and notable scam-scheme on text messages. The primary purpose of these scam messages is to lure you and ask you to share-a-load.
Be cautious of text scams on supposed:
  • “discount.” 
  • “refund.” 
  • “prizes.” 
Notice:from COCA-COLA Corp. Congratulations!Ur sim# Had won Samsung Galaxy S4.+ Php500,000.00 Cash! for more info Call me Now,I'm Atty.DARLENE BERNABE.per DTI-NCR#6504 S'2014. 
Congrat's! Ur  Sim # won 2nd prize worth (Php750,000.00) Frm: (P.C.F.) Phil. Charity Foundation Pls. call  now! I'm Atty.. RUEL C DIZON   from: BSP  
  • “stranded relatives” once you will reply this message:
Musta na kayo dyan eto na new roaming # ko d2 na kayo magtxt. Medyo busy kya ngayn lng nakatxt.Ingat kayo palage regards to all.Godbless miz, u luv u, txtbk? 
They will ask you a load, though.
  • And other falsified claims disguised as share-a-load transactions, as advised by Globe Telecom
In the case of supposed “discounts” or “refunds”, Globe emphasized that legitimate advisories from the telecommunications provider are labeled from “GLOBE” and do not come from 11-digit numbers. Subscribers may validate unusual texts and calls with the company’s customer service agents.

Regarding spam messages that include text such as “send to 2915XXXXXXX,” by adding the number 2 before the 10-digit cell phone number of the recipient, the unsuspecting subscriber would have done a Share-A-Load transaction.

Another text scam informs customers that they supposedly won in a raffle contest they never participated in and the text message provides “steps” on how to claim the prize. Another text scam involves relatives working abroad supposedly using a new prepaid number, also aimed at tricking subscribers into doing a Share-A-Load transaction.

Congratulations! Last-April/23/14 U'r Cell#. Had won! 650,000+Laptop 3rd winner from: PCCNS. DTI-PERMIT 7809s2014. Please call me now! I'm Atty: JOSE P. PEREZ 
Congratulations! Last 07/28/13
Ur SIM#, Had Won! Php650,000.00 w/ Laptop.Info. frm PCCNS CO. DTI# 0291S'13 Pls.call me now! I'm atty.HERNAN F. ROXAS.
Thank you! 
Globe customers are advised not to respond and, instead, immediately report suspicious text messages to authorized Globe customer service channels. Customers may say mobile numbers used in sending out fraudulent or scam text messages.

Globe customers may communicate via the Globe website through Talk2Globe Chat (http://chat.globe.com.ph), send a message through Globe Contact Form (http://globe.com.ph/talk2Globenow) and tweet @Talk2GLOBE on Twitter.

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