03 May 2014

GCash, a Cash-in Transactions, Unveils More Options With MEPS

GCash is a quick way to cash-in, pay bills, purchase items, shop online, or donate to charities from your mobile phone. It is indeed a convenient method to every reach cashless transactions.

Now, the good news is that, GCASH is now offering a quite more cash-in options in collaboration with MEPS( Integrated its payment service called APM ).

What is MEPS?
Manila Express Payment System, Inc. is a new and energetic start-up company launching its own network of self-service payment kiosks in Metro Manila.

Having partnered with all of the telecommunication companies in the Philippines (Smart, Globe and Sun) they are currently offering mobile prepaid loads along with many other services in our kiosks.

There mission is to give most convenient, trusted, reliable and efficient automated network of unmanned payment system in the Philippines.

In order to fully utilize its mission, they are now partnered with GCASH. 

MEPS already developed its payment services APM (Automated Payment Machine) which allow customers to transact using GCASH wallets, buy GLOBE/TM Load.

APMs are located nationwide at gas stations, government offices, malls, commercial outlets, hotels, office buildings, shopping centers and subdivisions.

GCash customer makes a cash-in transaction using MEPS Automated Payment Machine
A GCash customer makes a cash-in transaction using MEPS Automated Payment Machine
For more information on GCash, visit www.globe.com.ph/gcash.
To know about the MEPS and APM locations, visit www.meps.ph, call the MEPS Customer Service Hotline at (02) 555-0294 or text 0906-454-1061 from Mondays to Fridays,9am to 6pm.

Source: Globe Telecom PR

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