09 May 2014

How Company Charge Customers? Electricity Monthly Bills: Explained

Summer is nearly ends and electricity is delivered lack at home primarily because of "no rain" could sustain main source — HYDRO power plant. Well, especially in Mindanao and surely, you are one of those frustrated consumers.

Plot Twist: If you have HIGHER Bill with Rotation brown outs across whole Mindanao, then surely you will be out-of-rage-mode..

Okay, have you ever wondered where did your money go in your monthly electricity bill?

Probably, you have some hints about charges when you received a receipt came from electric company. Still, you don't know how exactly works.

Here, this infographic from Rappler will give you whole process on what it contributes  with your bill.

Infographic: Rapple - Click image to view large
The simple formula of your bill is:

Rate per KWH X KWH Consumption = BILL

Note: Rate per KWH depends on the location. If you are living in Metro Manila, you will have higher rate compared to other cities.

According to the Infographic, there are charges you may want to know:

  • Generation Charge(57%)
  • Distribution Charge(18%)
  • Taxes & Universal Charge (11%)
  • Transmission charge(9%)
  • Others(System loss) charge(5%)
If you wish to compute your monthly bill, you need to know your rate per kilowatt per hour and your kilowatt per hour consumption.

Source: Rappler


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