04 May 2014

Does Facebook Disable Your Account Permanently If You Don't Register This Magic Black Spell Method? [ Hoax ]

I was excited to see that someone mentioned my name in one of their comments but it turns out to be just another yet annoying and spamming tagged.

Does Facebook Disable Your Account Permanently If You Don't Register This Magic Black Spell Method?

Claim: Attention : to all facebook users Your Facebook Accounts will Permanent Disable if you dont register your acc in our facebook stop permanent disable ! How to register Just Follow The Steps


Reasons Why it is FAKE?

Update: 05/05/2014

Now, it seems that a certain(bogus) Mark Zuckerberg CEO will mention your name to warn you from disability of account.

This kind of technique is called Social Engineering. It attempts to scare you using some social manipulation. But when analyzed, the owner CEO of Facebook will NOT flood users.

Below image shows how annoying it is. #SoDontFall

Analysis: Just because the OWNER(fake) of the Facebook posted in his page with procedures it does merely means its TRUE and need to accomplish. NO! HECK NO! Before anything else, expect and examine closely. If it is TRUE, it will be in the NEWS(flooding HYPE with Rage comments, for sure).

If you examine closely, OFFICIAL Facebook accounts together its services have a verified check icon next to its name.
original account

This(FAKE) page has no verified-check icon duh.

Also, it does not have PAGES EVIL urls thingy (like: https://www.facebook.com/pages/FB-Mark-Zuckerberg/298286213661645?fref=nf )

Why the heck this FAKE page uses BLACK MAGIC SPELL to users? Simple, just to annoy Facebook users.

I read this complicated code and find the supposed-author of the script and he's from Indonesia.

///////////////////////////Indonesia //////////////////////////

One thing to note that, Facebook was created last 2004. In most part, Fake Accounts obviously created, well, in a DAY!

What does it do by the way?
Following the steps are quite complicated to achieve but for average users, it is quite SIMPLE.

I check its script and I GOT headache instead! WAH! And it was ENCRYPTED in such a way, it cannot be understood easily, got nosebleed too. But as far as with experience, the VICTIM will FLOOD to mention you in the comment section(of course, its annoying).

Why do people EASILY fall on this TRAP?
I feel it is more of FEAR. The fear that FACEBOOK will permanently DISABLE accounts. But it should be that way. As always, I wanted to impart my friends not to easily believe such (like video on current events or controversial topics).

What will you do if your friends will mention you?

I love to suggest that you need to REPORT it, in that way, Facebook will ban or delete the annoying page.

Final Thoughts
Don't easily BELIEVE anything that posted in your news feed. Have this skeptical and rational thinking too. In that way, you will not be in the victim's list.



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