25 May 2014

Disney's "Big Hero 6 film" New Super Heroes: Sneak Peek

After the box office success of "Frozen" movie-hit(well, I still hear children saying its soundtrack — Let it go), Disney released a quite-hilarious upcoming animated film teaser-trailer of Big Hero 6 which inspired by the Marvel comics with same name.
Screengrab: Disney's Big Hero 6
Screengrab: Disney's Big Hero 6
The story goes with a certain young Hiro Hamada — a genius, talented, and fanatics of robotics — along with his brother Tadashi, and his friends: Go Go Tamago, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred. (Yes, there are total of six characters which the title implies).

When a series of events catapults, Hiro transforms his awkward robot and friends into high-tech heroes to solve mysteries in the streets of San Fransokyo. Government recruited these group of six superheroes to protect the nation.

with Baymax
In the trailer, Hiro tries to upgrade and gear up his awkward robot with  Baymax, a new cutting-edge and cool suit robot, but finds out that it has a bit too small pieces to fit.

Baymax explodes-out and it reverts back to the awkward original robot (But you know, its kinda cute white-colored robot)

Baymax explodes out
Big Hero 6 is directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams. It will launch in the US in November, other countries in December.

The movie opens in the Philippines on November 5, 2014.

Watch Big 6 Hero Trailer

Full video teaser: Disney Big Hero 6 Teaser Trailer

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