25 May 2014

BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN For 2016 Official Movie Title

I was indeed intrigued about a scenario on Batman having a fight against a powerful alien from planet Krypton, Superman. The movie actually captures my inner pulse and is very excited to watch – only because I wanted to know who will win the fight. For you, who would win?
Batman v superman Warner Bros.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Image Credits: Warner Bros. 
According to my research, most individuals give a winning bet to Batman. Why? It may seem biased but the fact that Superman has the incredibly powerful strength and heat-ray vision that could somehow rip off Batman on Earth, it does not necessary mean he(Superman) will win the death-fight.

As you all know, Batman has an extreme intelligence and a sort of one heck high-level strategist, therefore, he keenly plans and studies every weakness or move he will see with Superman. Superman's main weakness is a kryptonite which Batman, that alone, would really have an edge of advantage. Thus, Batman can negate Superman in several factors.

Indeed, intelligence is the deadliest weapon in the universe. So what is your stand? Back to the movie title, it was known and dubbed as "Batman Vs. Superman" by Warner Bros. Just recently, (last Wednesday 05-21-2014), Warner Bros., had announced the yet OFFICIAL Full titled movie this upcoming 2016 — Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (Sequel to Man of Steel  2013).

It also formalizes the use of "v" instead of "vs." or "versus."  After Dawn of Justice, it will have a follow-up sequel, prequel title to Zack Snyder's Batman v. Superman - Justice League (2018).

Source: Newsrama

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