08 April 2014

Twitter Revamps Profile Design Looks Like W/ Facebook

It is OFFICIAL! Twitter revamps its profile pages and roll-outs globally-soon in all users with a slight-quite-similar looks w/ Facebook. As of today, Twitter selects only group of users to take the new design in effect.

Twitter sees it more growing important in terms of design visuals w/ larger background images and more prominent profile pictures.

So, if you are familiar with Facebook page design, you could tell it has more similarities. Not only with the design, it has quite had same feature too.

Aside for its ongoing redesigning phase, Twitter gives what's new about it. From larger profile photo, customizable header, and displays best tweet. In their post, they said that it will have salient features to be implemented:

  • Best Tweets - tweets tagged to be more engaged will appear LARGER
  • Pinned Tweet - if you familiar with pinned post in Facebook, you will certainly know how it works. For the benefit of everybody, it is a TWEET that can be shown TOP on the page. In this way, followers will always see the PINNED TWEET.
  • Filtered Tweets - you can set options to be shown on timeline. Options are TWEETS, Tweets w/ Photos/Videos, or Replies
Image: Blog Twitter
In the meantime, for a peek at what’s coming, check out these web profiles:
Source: Twitter Blog


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