17 April 2014

This Photo Has Been Seen Billions of People. You Will Shocked That Is Not Computer Generated.

Not so long week ago that Microsoft officially ended its WINDOWS XP support on last April 8, 2014.  It's a sad news especially with those fanatic individuals and loyal corporate who still used XP as their Operating System. 

Well, if you try to Update your Windows XP OS, it will display a dialog blog saying with an End of Support.

windows XP dialog box end of support
Image taken: Microsoft
Whenever Windows XP is mentioned, one sure fact that pops-out in my mind is, the popular Bliss background theme(See image below). In fact, the story behind of this precious image lies on its sole owner – Charles O'Rear and the techniques he used when took it. Whoever thought of that this Bliss image is being seen with billions of people across the globe.

Who is Charles O'Rear by the way?
The photographer that took "Bliss" theme and made it seen to billions of people was Charles O'Rear also credited as "Chuck O'Rear". He was born 1941, an American Photographer, and started his photography career with Newspaper companies.

Bliss Photo 
Bliss photo was taken in 1998. It is the name of the default computer wallpaper of Microsoft's Windows XP operating system, produced from a landscape photographed in the Los Carneros American Viticultural Area of Sonoma County, California, United States.
It is an image of a rolling green hill and a blue sky with cumulus and cirrus clouds. In the Dutch and Portuguese versions of Windows XP, the wallpaper is named Ireland and Alentejo, respectively, despite the fact that the image was taken in the United States. ~ Wikipedia
Is "BLISS" image a Computer-generated photo?
Indeed, a tough question, at first glance, you will certainly thought it is computer-generated or enhanced photo. Others believe it is Photoshopped.

Charles O'Rear answered it NO. Shocked? Yes, it is not photoshopped or use some sort of software photo enhancement either. 

bliss theme on XP
Photo Credits: Gizmodo
Bliss: Photo Wikipedia
Such perfect and impressive photo was taken at the PERFECT time of the year. The Photographer revealed that it was taken during a so-called Perfect SKY plus using some color enhancement of Fuji Film Mamiya R7Z67.

Thus, Bliss did not retouched nor computer enhanced. 

Watch on how Charles made this "Bliss" theme.


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