08 April 2014

The World's First Highest Density 128 GB DDR4 Module

With the rampant evolving pace of technology ranging from full-packed chips to high-end gadgets, this newly announced RAM module model can definitely increase user satisfaction as it works with great performance.

In a TechPowerUp post, SK Hynix Inc., leader in the DRAM market, announced its development with its World's first and highest density of 128GB* module-based on 8Gb* DDR4.

Note: GB is Gigabyte and Gb is Gigabit.

This model of RAM has a double density with its advantage with TSV (Through Silicon Via) Technology. Its a product that works at 2133 Mbps w/ 64bit I/O which processes UP to 17GB data per second. The other good feat here is it consumes ULTRA low-voltage of 1.2V compared to existing DDR3 that has a voltage of 1.35V.

Image: TechPowerUp.com

The Company plans to create mass production in first half of next year(2016). lso, it is expected to be the main standard in the industry from 2016.

Senior Vice President, Sung Joo Hong, the Head of DRAM Development said.
"The development of the world's first 128 GB DDR4 module has its significance in opening ultrahigh density server market. The Company will further strengthen its competitiveness in premium DRAM sphere with the development of high density, ultrahigh speed and low power consuming products"

Source: SK Hynix Developed the World's First Highest Density 128 GB DDR4 Module


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