12 April 2014

nTrust Offers Lower Fee Rates

Don't have the nTrust account yet? Probably, you need one for future references.

What is nTrust by the way?
nTrust is a regulated and trusted global peer-to-peer money transfer platform designed to free its members’ money by uploading it to the cloud. Cloud Money enables peer-to-peer money transfers around the globe as fast and seamless as sending a text – for free. 
nTrust is changing the way the world moves money by empowering users to manage, move and use their hard-earned funds.

So what's the unique here?
nTrust is the only online platform that offers free transfers between you and other members. Whether it’s a hundred dollars or 25 cents – in pesos or euros – it has never been easier to send or receive money from one side of the world to the other.
At nTrust, our focus is making money transfers easy, accessible and affordable. Whether you’re sending money to friends and family, providing funds for a child to study abroad or a giving a gift for the holidays, nTrust provides a seamless transaction process for each and every member. And unlike other money transfer systems, it’s always free for you to send and receive money with no minimum transfer amounts or transaction limits.
 Is this secured?

Yes, nTrust uses the highest level of encryption, which meets or exceeds every known international banking standard. All data is protected and validated by Verisign, TRUSTe, and McAfee Secure. nTrust is certified as Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, the highest technical and operational security standard imposed by the payment card industry. Our technical and procedural safeguards undergo continuous review as well as formal quarterly assessments and comprehensive annual third party audits from certified PCI assessors to ensure implementation of best practices and world-class security.
nTrust Offers Lower Fee Rates

nTrust unveils its lowest fee rates in the industry. What are these new features announced?

  • All Cloud uploads and withdrawals now FREE
Free when sending to and from verified bank account. Not applicable for premium upload or withdraw methods or card loads. Please see our new fee structure for additional information on domestic-to-international Cloud Money transfers.
  • All Domestic Cloud-to-Cloud transfers now only P100
  • All International Cloud-to-Cloud transfers now only P200
In an Email, nTrust announced that their team and the World Bank agreed to set more affordable REMITTANCE services.

Register here: Cloud today and see the savings when you upload, transfer and withdraw your Cloud Money.

Source: nTrust.com

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