20 April 2014

How to Force Windows to Boot in Safe Mode? [ Windows ]

If you are wondering what F8 key does not seem to work, and you need to boot your system in the safe mode. How could you achieve in booting it in the Safe Mode?

Unlocking to safe mode with ASUS motherboard is kinda complicated thing to do. This article can help you somehow.

In order to boot up in the safe mode without trying to press F8 key, there is an system option via MSCONFIG.EXE that you can FORCE Windows to ALWAYS boot into SAFE MODE.

How to Force Windows to Boot in Safe Mode?
By using msconfig, you can boot into safe mode.

1. Open MSCONFIG system configuration
2. In the Start Menu, type MSCONFIG.EXE in the search bar
3. Hit Enter key

3.In the System Configuration window, click Boot tab
4. For the boot options, check Safe Mode and choose Minimal
5. Once you click OK button, it will display restart or without restart
6. If you restart your system, it will boot in Safe Mode.

TURN IT OFF: If you want to turn it off, you need to uncheck Safe Boot in the boot options in the System Configuration.


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