18 April 2014

A Person That Has Visual Problems Can Be Saved W/ Google Smart Camera Lenses

With a blink of the eye, it will capture an image. How cool it will be? Is it possible technology? Okay, right now Google had announced that they are working to make a contact lens with integrated CHIP camera to help people with visual difficulties or evenly blinded person.

How this little smart contact lens works?

  • An integrated chip camera system is embedded way out of the pupil to make sure it will not obstruct vision.
  • When a person blinks, it will activate the sensor of the camera system.
  • The good thing about it is it will have the ability to follow eye's movement.
  • The data that is being collected by the camera is processed.
This lens can be linked to any smartphone whenever some warning signals. Also, it will able to take regular images. Which is why I love the feature. With a blink, I can taking pictures. 
Besides, developers hope to create a feat that packs with zooming capabilities. Well, it sounds creepy yet will be used as abuse advantage, though.

So far, a contact lens is in theoretical stage. Who knows? Google will be able to open it to market. 

Photo: Google
In a post with PatentBolt, it cited all with detailed information on how these contact lenses work.  Google filed on the design back in 2012.
Image screen capture: PatentBolt.com



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