19 April 2014

Google Project ARA: Reinventing New Modular Smartphone

Could you imagine a smartphone that can be interchangeably swapped every single components when it is TIME to upgrade? Sounds interesting huh? Much as with Desktop, you can choose what specifications you always wanted to have. The idea of making smartphone into a some-what MODULAR, came from Google's Project ARA. Does this Project ARA a game changer or industry changer?

What is Project Ara?

Google's Project ARA is a model that is currently trying to let users swap with different components and configure their phones. This is the mission of ARA, to make it a MODULAR smartphone. It attempts to encourage hardware manufacturers to build modules that will SLOT into a METAL ENDOSKELETON (which serves as the basic core of the phone).

These modules may include: camera, screen, battery, GPU, and other components. For Google and ATAP, the goal is to build a smartphone device that will accessible to the number of phone-users. It is works, according to the TheVerge, then it could change industry forever. New ways of buying and selling goods. :)

Photo Credits: TheVerge

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