18 April 2014

Google ATAP Team and NASA Working Together To Create Space Robots

Last February, Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) team unveiled its PROJECT Tango smartphone prototype packed with revolutionary 3D sensor chip that has the ability to track motion with 3D  on a mobile device.

Today, Google's ATAP and NASA team are collaborating by using the Project Tango Smartphone to create space robots and help navigate robots in motion tracking in the ISS(International Space Station).

This Project Tango smartphone is equipped with MYRIAD 1 Vision Processor chip that has the capability to make QUARTER millions 3D measurements per seconds.

Project Tango: Screen Capture
Project Tango: Screen Capture
The chip primarily creates map on its surrounding. So how it works?

How Project Tango works?
This smartphone will attached with SPHERE robots ( Autonomous balls that can navigate). In the Youtube video, Google ATAP and NASA team helped working together by simulating zero gravity which NASA prototype G-FORCE ONE 727 had.

While the Google Team floated in the air, this Project Tango smartphone will capture and construct a 3D map to its surroundings. Is this the end of Astronaut work?

Watch Youtube Video
Watch how Google Project Tango Team collaborated with NASA's testing prototype G-FORCE ONE 727 that simulates zero gravity while it takes off.

Sources: Google+ ATAP / TNW / Project Tango

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