03 April 2014

Google Keep: New Feature - Ability To Search Text in Photos Quickly

Evernote (a note-taking and archiving app/software) with its rival Google Keep rollouts great features such as Searchable Texts in Photos, List Configuration, and Keep Deleted Notes in a little longer.

If you access Google Keep now, you will be seeing what's new with it. In a TheNextWeb post, Evernote has already had this Searchable Text in photos yet accordingly Google has implemented instantly. In addition, Evernote when tested to index images, it took few minutes in which Google Keep is more superior with speed it display.

Like Post.it eh? google keep
Like Post.it eh?
To sum it all, you will be experiencing great features Google Keep has:
  • Searchable Images
  • List Settings
  • Trash

Google Keep New Features
Google Keep New Features

Images: Screenshots
Reference: TheNextWeb

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