17 April 2014

Remotely Access Windows Machine Using Your Android Smartphone

Ever wanted to access your PC Desktop/Laptop by using your Android Smartphone? Google unveils its new release of CHROME REMOTE Desktop app For Android that let users REMOTELY access another computer in a FREE, EASY, and SECURE way.

Chrome Remote Desktop now Supports on Mobile
In a Google Blog post, they released the version of Chrome Remote Desktop intended for mobile. With a brief history, Chrome Remote Desktop app isn't a new app, instead it was popularly used since 2011 through Chrome app to remotely access Windows or Mac machine.

How it works?
1. Download and install this ANDROID app to tablet/smartphone
2. Tap on the Computer's Name
3. Start using your Remote Machine

Install Chrome Remote Desktop app
Download this Android App:  Chrome Remote Desktop app
For iOS, it will be released later this year as the blog announced.

Image Credits: Google

Source:Chrome Remote Desktop Goes Mobile

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