30 April 2014

Globe Unveiled Its "TxtHIV" campaign

Have you ever heard about HIV campaign? Globe had offered it partner with different organization to give information about HIV(which causes death with no known medicine still). 

With the Globe's TXT Campaign, it will be offering more information about counselling and clinic drive for those people who are afraid to face social discrimination.

Fernando Esguerra, Globe OIC for Corporate Social Responsibility, demonstrates how TxtHIV operates.  With him are (from L-R):  PNAC Executive Director Dr. Chito Avelino; S&S TechnologiesPhilippines President and CEO Mark Soriano; and PHANSUP Chairman Oscar Picazo

In collaboration with key partners, Globe Telecom launched its "TxtHIV to 8504" campaign which ask users five questions with interactive voice recording.

The sender then provided with details to assess, counsel, and immediate treatment. Don't worry, it is private and cofidential.

TXTHIV to 8504 is an SMS-based information to provide counselling and clinical driving in ASIA for people who which to test with HUMAN immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and STI infections.

Given the increasing number of HIV cases in the Philippines, this innovative, cost-effective and practical initiative was launched based on the belief of making health accessible to all as well as the sharing of resources and expertise.

Source:  http://www.globe.com.ph/press-room/txthiv-campaign

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