13 April 2014

Facebook Will Penalize Pages To Reduce Spam

Facebook will Penalize spammy stories in the news feed made primarily by Pages. Page ADMINS prepare for the worst-case scenario w/ your own pages! 

In a blog, Facebook announced a series of overhauling major update its news feed to reduce SPAMMY contents that are viewed by the users.

According to Facebook, their goal with News Feed is to deliver and share RIGHT content to the right people given at the right time.

What does RIGHT Content mean?

To illustrate it, when the world of internet has been flooded with a mainstream or viral topic. It should be or partly blended with such a right contents. In the latter part on this post, you will see how Facebook could penalize Pages.

Facebook gives 3 key of areas/categories for them to reduce spammy and to penalize pages.

1. Like-Baiting Method
This method is indeed quite effective way to manipulate users by liking, sharing, or commenting a posts. Some pages love to use this method, it is pretty sure that you have seen this LIKE-BAITING in pages.

Example: (photos)

Hit Like = Amen or Share or Comment.

Like-Baiting is a manipulative method that a certain Fan Page explicitly asks users/readers to LIKE, COMMENT, or SHARE a post.

Facebook loves to penalize this pages. :3

2. Frequently-circulated Contents

Sometimes, it is useful to reshare photo contents because it saves time and effort. However, Facebook had found out that in their study, pages which RESHARE contents are less RELEVANT to the readers. These readers are complaining about the pages that reshared contents.

3. Spammy Links

Some pages tend to put links in their contents which readers being annoyed and tagged it as spammy. Spammy Links are unrelated or irrelevant links embed in the contents made by publishers. Most of these links contain more ads only.


Facebook adds tips to improve quality pages standard. In order not to be penalized, don't try to use these 3 areas. 

For the publishers, don't post feed spam in the content. If you do, chances are you will have negative impact with your Pages.

Source/image: Facebook/NewsRoom


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