05 April 2014

Best Broadband Internet for Small Businesses For PH

The Philippine economy is expected to remain strong this year. After posting a 7.7% GDP growth in 2013, one of the highest in the region, the ADB expects the country’s economy to grow 6.4% this year. While it’s a slower growth figure from last year, it’s still higher than the 5.1% GDP growth that ADB expects Malaysia to accomplish this year.

Outstanding growth prospects for the Philippine economy is good news for businesses. The sunny outlook for the Philippine economy could spur more entrepreneurs to expand their business or even start new ones.

A good broadband connection is usually not a priority for entrepreneurs who want to start a small business since they want to focus on location and the business permits they need to accomplish first. However, having the best Internet service for your business is just as important to the success of your enterprise, given how a reliable and fast connection could help your operations run more smoothly.

If you’re a small business owner and you want to subscribe to a new broadband service, here are a few tips to help you choose the best broadband internet plan.

Find out your connection needs– How many people will need to be connected to the Internet? What will they use it for? You will need to answer these questions to find out the minimum speed that your new connection will require.

Check whether you can save more with a bundled service – Telecommunication companies in the Philippines such as PLDT and Globe have broadband plans that bundles the Internet connection with a landline phone. You can argue that a landline phone is not necessary these days but there are still quite a lot of customers who still prefer to get in touch with businesses by calling them through a landline phone. Compare these plans and see if you can save more by getting a bundled plan.

Connection quality – Broadband plans usually have a lock-in period. Two years is the standard lock-in the Philippines. You do not want to be locked in with an unreliable broadband service for that long. Read forums and ask friends and neighbours about who their broadband plan provider is and whether they are happy with the quality of their current broadband plan or not.

Price – Cost reduction is one way for small businesses to maximise profits and since broadband plans are a recurring expense, signing up for a plan that gives great value for money should be the focus right from the start. Once you have determined your connection needs and whether you require a landline phone or other services bundled with your Internet plan, it would be easier to look for a broadband plan that has what you’re looking for. Now all you need to look at the plan’s price. Find the best broadband internet plan and compare prices to get the best value for your money.

Broadband internet can connect your small business to the kind of customers you want. It can also help make for more efficient and productive business practices and operations. With online services such as Google Docs and Dropbox taking on the function of software that did not previously relied on Internet connection, a good broadband plan becomes that much more important to businesses of all sizes. We hope these tips will be able to help you find the right broadband plan for your business.


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