19 April 2014

ADF.LY Now Supports Daily Payments

No one-month waiting period ! Cashout $5 Everyday!  Well, Adf.ly just announced in their email that they offer Daily Payments system.

In an email I received, Adf.ly supports daily paymets as long as you comply their pre-requirements. The requirements as follows:
  • Your account must be older than 30 days
  • You must have been paid on the monthly pay day at least once
  • Your account details cannot have been updated in the last 72 hours
  • Your payment information must be valid and complete
If your account qualifies, you will find the 'Request Payment' button here:
After clicking on it you will receive a payment in the next 24 hours.
Adfly Daily Payment Support
Adfly Daily Payment Support
Adf.ly is a website-service that offers shortening URLs. Similar with shortening URL service like Goo.gl, & Bit.ly. Adf.ly does not only shorten URLs but Publisher could earn money too.
  • Adf.ly definitely 100% FREE. There are no hidden fees!
  • For an amount of minimum $5, you can cash it out.
  • It supports Payoneer and PAYPAL as payment options.
You can register it here:
Quick Registration: Register to ADF.LY now!

I actually cashout 5 times in total :)

No need to wait a period of month to get paid. Is Daily Payment better? Is it a Good news?

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