06 April 2014

This Is Incredibly Awesome 360° Video Shot With GoPro Cameras

Wondering on how to make a Miniature World photo or video with a touch-and-play of GoPro Cameras? This video will give you much-more-new feel. Well, Incredible & COOL!

If you want to attempt this mind-blowing 360­­° video shot, you can achieve it by downloading its open-source 3D Printing Schematics and Specifications.

German-based photojournalist, Jonas Ginter, created this stunning 360° video using six GoPro cameras that are mounted on his bike. The output is excellent!
On his blog(in German),  he finally set the idea of having a 360­° video into a real application. He called it "Spherical Panorama." How to achieve it?

Awesome 360° Video Shot With GoPro Cameras
Image screenshot from its video/Vimeo/Jonasginter.de
He technically explained it in a simple principle: Turn the camera around on its own axis to take pictures, add them up on the computer, and it will blend the final panorama to a small planet.

GoPro Camera - 360
Image was taken jonasginter.de

He also adds some technical description on how to achieve this spherical panorama looks.

GoPro Camera
Image was taken jonasginter.de
For Android-based phones, it could get one spherical panorama too. Android PhotoSphere Camera App

Vimeo Video of Spherical Panorama

For the best part, has he open-sourced the 3D printing schematics so that anyone who interested doing 360 video/photo feat into one magnificent creation.

Sources: Jonasginter.de

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