16 March 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Plane found in Bermuda Triangle Is Fake

On 8 March 2014, Saturday, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared over the South China Sea with 239 total persons (227 passengers and 12 Crew members) aboard. Around 1:30am, Malaysia Airlines reported that Boing 777 had lost contact with air traffic control.

Several days later, there are lot of conspiracy theories flooded on the social media sites. What shocking most is that the Malaysia flight MH370 plane was reportedly found in Bermuda Triangle by several bogus Facebook pages.

Links posted by Facebook pages citing that a video of the missing Malaysia MH370 plane has been found in Bermuda Triangle is FAKE.
image [1]
It could have a message something like this: 
Breaking news video footage of this miracle just released on CNN! Video of Malaysia MH370 Plane found in Bermuda Triangle! Passengers alive! ~ insidevideo.net 
More Facebook users have shared and seen this featured image that float in water with the caption above to lure users from visiting and clicking the video.

When user clicks it, there is no actually a video to be viewed. Instead, user will be seeing usual survey which instructed the users to like or share with their Facebook friends and to complete the survey.

What you need to know
Scammers who give such online surveys could obtain sensitive information from the users which could send and spread a virus. This is not safe!

Image Malaysia plane
[1] above-image is actually the Lion Air Boeing 737 airliner that crashed in the sea in Bali in April 2013.

Hence, I do highly recommend not to click or visit the said post, and advised to keep updated with the reliable news sources.

If you want to view this fake news on Youtube, visit: ►http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Svn8RnLcRH8

Final Thoughts:

The Video posted is FAKE.
Don't click the video link.

Sources: Youtube/Snopes.com


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