22 March 2014

Is CashnJob Real or Scam?

This sort out to be slight annoying to witness that more users are sharing with this kind of website. It would be hopeless if they still continue to promote this link. Nonetheless, this post will cite on why it is merely a fake and scam.

If you are looking for a job and earn decent money, first you need to research that link. You can even read reviews from other sources just to be sure that its legalities are really TRUE and LEGAL.

I hope I can address this and help fellow users. Before that, we must know some basic information of this website. 

What is CashNjob?

CashNjob.com is yet ANOTHER scam(conclusive) website that attracts more users with its quite enticing promotional information displayed in their website.

Do you wish to earn $50-$100 daily?

Of course, at first glance, you will be amazed on such figures. However, people who are engaging online transactions for quite sometime are not convinced with the figure.

It simply stated that Online Jobs are not solely created to earn BIG money, ideally, in the easiest job that earn large amount money is FAKE and BOGUS.

CashNJob gives $25 bonus and $10 per task. These information alone would rather feel doubtful. One question may raise that if the site would give $25 bonus, where did they get funds?

In separate news, those websites that promises to earn money with their members don't have some kind of incentives.

In fact, with the task given, it has only $0.001 earning. Thus, how could this CashNjob shares this amount?
The answer is they are FAKE.

Reasons WHY CashNJOB is Fake, Scam, and Freak [quick]
1. Design
Design copied to another scam website. You can explore my reviews here: Site Reviews

2. Registration
Registration seems to be plain and simple. No security feature added. Thus, it is not good to join here.

3. Fake Statistics
Total Paid: $786,469 USD      Total Members:  137928         Online: 253    

4. Fake testimonial
5. Payment options are also fake.
6. No blog update
7. Cannot contact admin (support staff)
8. No forum is installed
9. Task is one only(referring link)
10. No actual payment issued to member
11. It is not secure(https)
12. Cashing out earnings tru SURVEY first
13. Spammy
14. Admin information is Hidden
15. Funny terms and conditions

Reasons you should not engage with the site
1. Its fake and scam
2. Consumes and wastes time and effort
3. Annoying links which is SPAMMY
4. Exposed user information
5. They will earn from you
6. They can send you spam message in your email

Final Thoughts

With regard of those users engaging with this site, I would rather suggest that they should stop joining and working with this scam site.

In the absence of information online, users should read reviews from other website. Thankfully, I created this for that purpose. Thank you :)


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