03 March 2014

Is CareerDollar: Real or Scam? [Review]

Do you want to build career path online? Do you wish to get job via online? Well, there are actually lots of websites offer such job or career opportunities. However, few sites rather give fake assurance to earn for living.

What make it more annoying is that it has been flooding on social media sites. And it seems that people are more delightedly engaging such website.

This post will certainly erase those doubts that a single user participates. For the benefit of everyone, I used to review sites to give users the idea of having not neither engage nor participate with these scam sites.

What is CareerDollar?

CareerDollar is quite another scam websites that certainly lure users to register in order for the owner to earn money out of them.

In particular, this website is not suitable for a job. As you can see, it fails to edit getpaid4visits.com in their websites which we might think that it is really a fake one.

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CareerDollar logo
Here is its design-web :3

CareerDollar promises to earn money in easiest way. Imagine, for joining bonus it will give you $30 and per task you can get $10.

Is it really possible to earn such amount? Answer: no.

Earning Made Easy!
Simple, Higher and More..We are innovating in the market of online marketplace and working from years in this filed, and now we open our online branch for users worldwide, we are accepting limited peoples, so be quick and start your online earning career.
 Simpler, Quicker Job!
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 Monthly Scheduled Payment
Earning every month..Everybody loves to get paid every month,
so why not with us. we have system who pay
the payout to users every month from
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to make your payment ready for payout for every month.
Several Reasons Why It is Fake and Scam

1. Design much of similar with other scam sites
2. No security features installed
3. Registration is plain and simple
4. No captcha, authentication while on the process of registration
5. Job is really easy as 1 2 3. The job is simply to refer someone.
6. No forum discussion
7. No actual users who actually cashout their earnings
8. In order to cashout, user tend to force answer with the survey in which in the long process, it hangs up in the air.
9. Contact us is ridiculously not exists
10. No blog updates nor announcement
11. Fake Testimonial
12. No comprehensive cashout method
13. Unsafe to transact
14. It displays ads widget for them to earn money
15. User information could be exposed

Final Thoughts

If you really want to find a legit company websites that give and serve job opportunities, it would be the best way to analyze their websites thoroughly.

On behalf on those users who still claim for its legitimacy, good luck. For starters, I do recommend not to join and register.

Thank you :)


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