22 March 2014

HOW TO: Add/Remove Horizontal Lines in Microsoft Word

One of the annoying yet useful features of Microsoft Word is HORIZONTAL Line. Annoying in a sense that whenever you attempt to delete it, it simply refuse to remove in the word document. On the other hand, those people who are working hard with this feature, simply know the importance to it.

The good news is that here is a good chance to remove this line, in very,  although not so complicated way, you need to be more nerdy about this.

Sometimes, Microsoft Word  adds border line in a paragraph because it thinks you want it in the first place. Also, when Auto Borderline is checked, it will automatically create border horizontal line whenever you put underscore.

So how to get rid of these Horizontal Lines? But before that, we must know how this line created?


Microsoft Word has a quick and easier way to add horizontal lines in a document. In order to add quick different border lines, you need to use three or more special characters, then hit ENTER.

After hitting Enter key, Word automatically creates different line. See below.

  1. Three or more "="  creates double line
  2. Three or more "#" creates thick decorative line(single-double-single)
  3. Three or more "*" creates dotted line
  4. Three or more "~" creates wavy line
  5. Three or more "-"(dash) creates single line
  6. Three or more "_" (underscore) creates double line

When hitting Enter key, it display AutoCorrect Options, and you can stop it by clicking Stop Automatically Creating Border Lines.

Also, you can disable it in the Word Options.

In 2007 version:
1. Click Microsoft Logo (upper left)
2. In the window, click Word Options

3. In the Word Options, in the left pane, click Proofing
4. Click AutoCorrect Option button
5. Click AutoFormat as you type tab
6. In the Apply as you type, uncheck Border Lines.
7. Choose OK button.

In 2010 and above version:

1. On the File tab, click the Options button
2. In the left pane, click Proofing
3. Click AutoCorrect Option button
4. Click AutoFormat as you type tab
5. In the Apply as you type, uncheck Border Lines.
6. Choose OK button.


1. In the Home tab, and in the Paragraph section
2. Click Border style
3. choose Border (bottom border)
4. It will create paragraph borderline.

Removing Horizontal lines can be tricky but once you know how it created in the first place, you can undo the process to remove it.

A simple highlighting with the cursor to delete it is not guarantee to successfully remove it.

In Word 2007

1. On the menu bar, Home tab -> Paragraph the button that looks like this: ¶
2. It will display a paragraph mark (¶) at the end of every paragraph.
3. Select the one on the line you want to delete.
4. Click the Format->Borders and Shading menu item.
5. Click the box that says "None."
6. Click OK.

Also, you can choose this method too:
  • Put your cursor below or above the line. Hold Shift + Hit Down/Arrow Key. Hit delete key.
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