15 February 2014

HOW TO: Chat W/ Facebook Friends Using Yahoo Messenger 11 ?

Ever wanted to chat your Facebook Friends using Yahoo! Messenger? Yahoo! Messenger (YM) was considered to be dominating chat software a long time ago. But it did not suggest that people were no longer used it. Still, there are lot of users prefer to chat with Yahoo! Messenger.

Yahoo! Messenger is a FREE software to download and is very useful to catch up with friends and families living abroad. The sad part is that, more and more companies offer free same service with added special features. Thus, YM leaves behind in the chat app industry. You may heard like Viber, Whatsapp, Line, KakaoTalk, etc.

One thing for sure, there are people still chatting with Yahoo! Messenger especially those people want serious relationship with foreigners.

Yahoo! Messenger loses over new apps but does not end there. With the advent of social media sites, it can now integrated with Facebook and Twitter.

If you are solely using YM, then its a great way to chat with Facebook friends using the software.

HOW TO: Chat W/ Facebook Friends Using Yahoo Messenger 11 ?

Offer anything else, your Facebook accounts must be linked to your Yahoo!

You can link it tru these two options:

Option 1:
  •  go to the Y! Updates tab and select Facebook icon to link. (see image below, I already added  and linked my Facebook with Yahoo!)

Option 2:
  • click Messenger menu (top left), then Preferences
  • In the category pane(left side), click Connected Networks
  • Select the Add to Facebook or Link to Facebook button

After you successfully linked your Facebook and Yahoo accounts, you need to sign in to Facebook chat.
  • Click Messenger menu
  • then choose Sign in to Facebook Chat

To start a conversation
  •  Double-click a Facebook friend's name.
Note: You can  Sign out with Facebook Chat.

Additional info:
  • Your friends will not know if you are chatting from Yahoo or Facebook.
  • Facebook chat has no conversation history.
  • You can only link one Facebook account at a time.
  • If you want to link another Yahoo account before linking a different Yahoo account to a single Facebook account.
  • You can link Twitter account too.
  • Download Yahoo! Messenger for Free: http://messenger.yahoo.com/download/
Having troubles? Just feel to comment below. Thank you :3

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