01 February 2014

Today We Use Common and Boring Gadgets But In 2020 We Can Wear PC On Our Wrist

The folks at Yankodesign made this stunning Sony concept so-called Sony Wearable Computer design for year 2020. Technically, the features are best yet we don't know if it is even possible. Remember, 2020 is too far away.

The BIG question is that, does Sony can make this concept possible?

Sony concept wearable computers can be worn as a bracelet.  This design was made possible by Hiromi Kiriki.
Nextep Computer,
Sony's Wearable Computer Concept,
The idea here is that, this concept Sony Wearable Computer concept features flexible OLED touchscreen that anyone can wear n their wrist.

It is also sports with HOLOGRAPHIC projector as shown below image. The keyboard panel can be pull-out too.

Lastly, it is designed to have compatibility with social media sites.

Year 2020 is may far away but is it concept be possible? Do you want to buy such gadget?

Possible options of Sony's Wearable Computer concept
Images: Yankodesign.com

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