11 February 2014

Admins Will Now See Who Posted On Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook fan pages are quite useful in terms of  interaction and engagement among the users who like the page or potential audience.

Pages share stories, brands, services, products, and definitely the best place to connect with audience.

In order for the pages to be successful, admin needs more people to handle the pages. To make it grow and engage more people, admins or content creators must post regularly.

image: greenbeacon.com
Admins on pages can add five different roles with different abilities. And managers can only change someone with different role.
table on 5 different roles.
If the pages grow and have many people administer the said pages, how can the admin see who is posting something ? Who are the active of the pages?

Well, Facebook will roll out changes on its pages. That is, the admin who posted will be listed below the name next to "Posted By". In addition, the admin who commented will be listed below the comment next to "Commented on by".

Note: only people who help administer the page can see the information cited above.

With this, manager of the pages can see who are those active or inactive on posting statuses.


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