03 February 2014

Is VisitPayment.com Real and Trusted or Just a Plain Joke and Scam?

We are sad to learn that few people fall on trap with these particular scam and fake websites in which these victims constantly shared promotional or referral links to get invites and potential revenues.

We totally discourage because we are already proved about these websites, base on user critics and own experiences.

Easy Money is indeed not guarantee to be true at all. Earning Money online may see its outer icing only but its inner flavor is worst.

Time and effort are wasted by these websites though.

So if you stumbled one of these fake websites like visitpayment, this blog is for you.

Is VisitPayment.com Real and Trusted or Just a Plain Joke and Scam? 
visitpayment.com logo
VisitPayment.com is a new website that promises on easiest way to Earn Money

It offers though:
  • Join Bonus: 25$
  • Per Task: 10$
which earns separately.

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Question: Is Visitpayment real or scam?
Brief Answer: Scam

Quick Reasons Why It is Scam

1. Registration is plain and simple
2.  Unchanged statistics

Total Paid: $456,469 USD      Total Members:  137928         Online: 143

3. Lack of Security
4. No advanced technology used
5. No frameworks or robust programming design
6. Website's design lacks feature
7. No captcha, authentication code, secure https,
8. No anti-ddos or malware
9. Fake statements or testimonials
10. No forum
11. No official blog/announcement
12. Payment options
13. No actual earner for proof
14. Admin information is hidden
15.  Contact does not exists
16. Faqs are joke!

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Why do you need to quit or stay away from this website?

1. Its fake and fraud.
2. Sensitive information may exposed
3. Passwords are plain text.
4. They earn from you(with their implemented ads)
5. Waste time and effort
6. Annoying to your friends
7. Does not give good benefits

Thank you :)

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