11 February 2014

InternetDuty: Is it Real or Scam?

Looking for a job? Well, maybe this site can help you...but...be warned that not all descriptions displayed were true.

As such, one way is to investigate this certain website. Is it real? Scam? Fraud? Bogus ? Fake? 
Do these messages entice you to join?

You can Make 1200 Dollars Today, Check Job after creating account and login to your panel.

Everyone is Welcome!
Unlimited Job Positions!
Anyone can Join!
No Experience required!
Instant Account Setup and Money Making!

Well, certainly, you will fall on the trap. Heck, yes, its free but what matter here is the time spent.
Question: InternetDuty: Is it Real or Scam?
Brief Answer: SCAM!

Why do you need to agree and believe me?
First and foremost, I spend my time on Internet; researching, blogging, studying, and other sort. In business, websites tend to be a scam if can't provide any valuable evidence to probe its legalities.

Also, I was once a victim of these websites. So here, I made a post to educate other users not to engage with such websites.

Lastly, these websites have been changed from time to time with its new domain name. Thus, evidently these websites have similar business flow way of scamming users.

What is InternetDuty?

InternetDuty.com is potentially dangerous kind of website that promises the user to get a job and earn good money.

It advertises the user to earn at least $1500 in a week with 5-10 minute job. Sounds Interesting eh? Added 25$ signup bonus will let the user join without the hesitate to research the website.

Why InternetDuty.com is Fake, Scam, and Fraud?

I wanna just give short and precise factors why it tagged as fake.

1. Registration is quite plain and simple.
2. No security features installed in the websites.
3. No captcha, authentication, code, strong password feature
4. Data flow is plain and not encrypted
5. Recent payments are fake.
Recent Payments:
  John Lewis             900 USD    (UK)
  Albert Honey         200 USD     (UK)
  Kamran Ali            700 USD     (PAK)
  Kumar Devag        490 USD     (INDIA)

6. wait 2015?

All Right Reserved - Copyright 2013 - 2015 | http://InternetDuty.com
7. Payment system(seems legit but its not)

Payments will be clear on 24 - 30th of the next month after your cash approval of each month.
You will receive your money by the dealer of western union nearer to your home.

8. Ironically, their faqs are ridiculous.
9. No existing support
10. No blog update
11. No exact user evidently cashout earnings
12. No forum discussion
13. Poor design
14. Only Western Union (or it has no payment option)
15. Job is referring only.

Why you should not engage or register InternetDuty?

1. Its fake and scam
2. Potentially exposed your information
3. Can sell your email address from 3rd party.
4. Your username and password may be used to hack your account
5. They certainly earn from you
6. Annoying task (referring)
7. Waste time and effort

Final Thoughts

I do recommend not to join with this InternetDuty. Don't just believe on what you plainly see on internet. Think twice before you enter. I believe I share a kindly good resource about internetduty, you can share this blog link to your friends.

Thank you.


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