26 February 2014

Tired of Flappy Bird Game? Well, These Chinese Made A Robot To Score High. Brilliant?

Frustrated to get higher scores with Flappy Bird game? Two Chinese developed a robot prototype program that can accurately pass the green pipes and makes higher scores.

Liu Yang and Shi Xuekun in their blog detailed on how they created the robot, in which they took it for four days only.

Also in their blog, the robot has 3 parts, namely:

  • Recognition System
In the recognition system, it includes webcam  to detect the pipes on the screen.
  • Control System
Includes PC and Arduino chip board to control the arm to tap the screen.
  • Mechanical Part
Includes Actuator arm of the hard disk and touch pen.

Image: Screenshot http://cloudteastudio.com/bird.html

This is quite brilliant idea, however, they said it caused instability because the webcam has low fps and high delay. The good news is that they will be working to perfect their tapping robot.

Flappy Bird is quite rage-inducing game that tops in the chart. However, because of its addictive nature, Dong Nguyen, the creator, rather chosen to remove the app that made him earnings worth $50,000 per day.

I am sorry  Flappy Bird Users, 22 hours from now, I will take Flappy Bird down. I cannot take this anymore. ~ Dong Ngyuen/Twitter

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