09 February 2014

Flappy Bird: Is It A Good Bye Now?

When Flappy Bird became a hit both on iOS and Android platform, several people still enjoying-became-addicted-yet-with-raging-feeling while playing the game.

Though its nature is a pure rage-inducing, my friends on Facebook still kept on boasting and posting screenshots of their higher scores, and they have patiently enjoyed the game. Statistically, I found out that females are getting higher scores than males.

The fact that it has been mainstreamed already(unexpected to hit the top), press companies keep on contacting and interviewing the developer of the game. With that, well, the bad news is that the developer will remove the game from app store. Oh yes! Great! Probably, we will now be productive!?

In a tweet of Dong Nyugen, Indie game developer of Flappy Bird, he announced for the removal of Flappy Bird from App Store and Google Play.

Why Dong Nguyen will remove Flappy Bird?

What surprise us is that Flappy Bird is generating an impressive 50k per day revenue from advertising.
In an interview with TheVerge, it was confirmed that the game app is generating $50,000 each day.

Flappy Bird is a FREE app(yet it is ad-supported) and known for its 8bit graphic and difficult to play which challenges the users.

However, this huge amount of money does not stop from its removal. Dong Nguyen clarified that removing the game is not related to any legal issues.

See below tweets:
On his tweet last February 4, he said that Press people were overrating him. And he wanted peace.

He updated his Flappy Bird on App Store last February 07, 2014 (which removed all the social sharing features). On Android, it was last updated on January 30, 2014.

If you haven't downloaded the game app yet, kindly visit:
Here are my theories:

With lots of news circulating online about its removal, several tech websites felt and thought it is the copyright issues.

To add their claim:

Flappy Bird is almost a clone with 2011 Piou Piou VS Cactus in App Store. Additionally, the sound effects and designs are borrowed from Super Mario which Nintendo could sue Dong Nguyen.

Still, there are many clones of Flappy Bird, namely:
Flappy Penguin,  Floppy Bird, Flappy Angry Bird, Flappy Bird – Fly Bunny and Flappy Bird Platinum ~ o.canada.com
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So, Flappy Bird a goodbye or disappointing? What're your comments?

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