04 February 2014

This Game Is Quite Simple But Once You Start Playing It - Frustration Yet Addictive

Probably, you certainly heard, seen, or even played with this new bird crazy game. Oh wait, did I forget to tell you that it's an addictive game? To play with it, you only need to tap, tap, tap, and tap that makes the bird get-fly through the series of familiar green pipes. Well, the prize is not that fantastic, you will just get points(with medal) here. Why is this game became mainstreaming? Why is it addictive? Is it a soft goodbye for Angry Birds? 
People become crazy about this Flappy Bird app, and frequently, lose its patience while in the middle of the game.

If you are a type of short-tempered person, I recommend, don't try to play with it.

What is Flappy Bird?
Flappy Bird is a FREE, simple, easy control, effortless, highly frustrating and addicting iOS and Android game. It is a new HOTTEST mobile game that will certainly curse your smartphone or your slow fingers while playing. If you noticed something on this game, it inspired its gameplay with its cousin games — Mario and Temple run.

Despite the fact that Flappy Bird was first being launched in May 2013, it is now currently the top number 1 spot on the app store and Google play store. And heck, it is still increasing its hype and rage.

Furthermore, it became a viral because of its simplicity, rage-inducing, and very smooth gameplay which is why it is very appealing to many users.

On Social Media
My friends on Facebook were so busy boasting to display and post its Flappy bird's individual score. Most of them were cursing and got a range of 1-20 scores.

Oh yes, if you have more patience, there is still BIG hope and improvement.

Here is a screenshot with one of my friends on Facebook who got 157 scores. :3 (This is quite highest score as far as I have seen)

How it become a Viral?
With series of hilarious tweets, posted rage #hashtag on Facebook, and reviews in App Store and Google Play, it now becomes mainstreaming.

Game Play...sort of..
This game basically warped with basic physics(involves air, gravity, flying-motion, ). Green pipes are the obstacles here.

The Bird always moves flying-forward. It rises up faster when hard pressing tap. Focusing the game merely does not guarantee for a higher score.
Flappy Bird - logo
Flappy Bird - logo
Who is the developer of Flappy Bird?
Interestingly, Nguyen Ha Dong, a Vietnamese indie developer, said that he has put absolutely no effort into marketing his game. 

Flappy Bird: How to play?
The goal of this game is pretty straightforward and effortless to play.

Just tap the screen to make the bird flaps its wings to get through the green pipes (and earn higher score).

Note: This game is highly addicting and frustrating especially when you heard these sounds: Ping, punch, and sad whistle sound.
flappy bird game
Did you know...
Did you know that this game got into No.1 spot for both in App Store and Google Play over a week? In short, it became a viral game.

Reasons for its success(probably)
  • Straightforward and quick (Pretty simple to play though)
  • Frustrating with your failures ( Yes, you may curse yourself here)
  • Hard to get the highest score( honestly, when I played first, I only got 1 point. As of this writing, I got the highest so far, 25 points, I need to get platinum medal but its unproductive -_-)
Tips to get through Green Pipes and get high scores.
  • "Practice makes perfect." Yes, the more you fail, the more it is frustrating
  • Just relax your fingers and mind. 
  • Concentrate and stay focus - don't get caught on outer obstacles.
  • Tap lightly the screen. In this way, the bird will fly slightly-balance.
  • Tapping carefully will fly and fall faster
  • Analyze bird (its flying capabilities through series of failures)
  • Use big screen to calculate tapping measures.
  • Lastly, JUST GIVE UP...You will never win =P
If you haven't yet become a rage with frustration, you can try to tap and .... well, get frustrated.

Images: Flapping Bird/Google Play

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