24 February 2014

First Android-Powered Devices, Nokia X

Nokia officially announced its first Android-based smartphone handsets: the X, X+ and XL. The  X and X+ model sport with 4" screen and XL features 5" IPS display.

Does Nokia catches Samsung or other companies in terms of Android-based smartphone features?
It was unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2014 at Barcelona, Spain that the First Android-powered devices, Nokia X will come into realization.

During that presentation, Steve Elop, CEO of Nokia Corporation, explained the importance and benefits with Android Aoos.

Formerly, Nokia X was previously known as Normandy or Project N.

Even though Microsoft bought Nokia Phone Business, these smartphone maker will be launching its 3 android-powered handsets.

Image: CNET

Nokia X combines with Lumia-Style design which has low-cost hardware.

In Europe, Asia, and some countries will be released for just 89 euros.

Nokia Android-based handsets reported not to compete with Samsung Galaxy S4 nor Apple iPhone 5S. These smartphones packs with 41 MP camera.

The disadvantage of these Nokia X devices is it cannot access Google Play Store or any Google Apps. Also, these phones have Microsoft OneDrive not Google Drive.

Lastly, Steve Elop puts its smartphones to cost at $125 for X, $135 for X+ , and $150 for XL.


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