01 February 2014

Globe Telecom: Real Deal On Fair Use Policy (FUP)

For those heavy data-users on Globe Telecom's Internet surfing plan, they probably experienced or heard of the Fair Use Policy or FUP.

If you have breached the policy, expect the very slow data connection as violation(from LTE/3G to 2G). Is it fair enough among subscribers?

What is Fair Use Policy or FUP?
To ensure fair, fast, reliable, and quality browsing experience, Globe Telecom implements Fair Use Policy. It is designed to protect subscribers from those heavy type data users.

What is does?
It will reduce the speeds on 3% of users who generate large traffic in Globe's Network.

Who are these heavy type users?
Those who use file-sharing software or downloading large files like music, videos, and movies.

When is a heavy-user breached the policy?
On an Internet promo or plan, user will consider breaching the FUP if he/she exceeds 1GB/day data usage. When Globe detects it, they will notify the user and reduce his/her speed at 2G speed. The good news is that, after midnight, the browsing speed will be back to regular.

Do it applies on all Globe's surfing promos?
Yes. FUP applies to all surfing promos and data plans for postpaid, tattoo sticks, EXCEPT PowerSurf.

Powersurf has a regular browsing rate of P5 per 15 minutes.

Infographic on Fair Use Policy (FUP)
Here is the recent tweet of Infographic on Fair Use Policy (FUP)
Here is the recent tweet of Infographic on Fair Use Policy (FUP)
If you exceeded 1GB a day, Globe will send you a text notification on your dashboard. A message something like this:

You have breached the Globe fair use policy for data usage. In order to maintain quality of service among all Globe subscribers, your speed will be throttled to 2G speeds. To enjoy normal speeds, you may opt out from your current promo. Text STOP  to 8888. Regular browsing charges will apply. 

Some users will complain in rage probably because they did not know what to do. And Globe did not add that it will resume the regular browsing after midnight.

Globe's Tweet on FUP


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