26 January 2014

This Actor Who Was Beaten UP Has Really No Actual CCTV Footage

When a co-host of "It's Showtime", a popular noontime musical variety show on ABS-CBN, Vhong Navarro was beaten-up by six men last January 22, 2014, Friday night, several fake link videos were popping and circulating the social media like Facebook. It somehow made it to a viral. Do it really exist?
Brief answer:
For a record, THERE IS NO ACTUAL CCTV FOOTAGE on the attacked of group of men.

Brief case story: What happen?

Last Friday it was reported that Vhong was being mauled, tied, threaten, and attacked by group of men with no apparent reason inside the premises in condo unit on last January 22 at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.

In a statement last Friday, Chito Rono, Navarro's manager, said that he was actually invited by a certain female friend(did not reveal her name) to visit her in the condo unit. (why? it did not reveal too).

Then, six men allegedly blindfolded Navarro and beat him up. It was also stated that Navarro was threatened. Rono said they have not found out the reason yet for the attacked.

In separate news, it was reported that this female friend made a police blotter of attempted rape but later she did not continue to file.

Back with this CCTV Footage, if you have time to search over the internet, you will realize that there is really no such CCTV footage caught.

Few of you may seen this link with photo and video about CCTV footage caught on attacking Vhong Navarro.

Below are the images/screenshots/links, that shows CCTV footage. You will notice that the images or links or videos have the same image.

This kind of capturing viewers might use Social Engineering tactics to earn visitors. Social Engineering uses emotions to entice you to click and visit. Of course, I can't blame you because these websites use SENSATIONAL title and photo which falls you into trap.

The originating photo was taken from TheGuardian.
This is the actual footage taken 06/12/2012  Brazilian advert uses real smash-and-grab footage.
This is the actual footage taken 06/12/2012  Brazilian advert uses real smash-and-grab footage.
Image courtesy of TheGuardian.com
Exclusive photo. Image ABS-CBN
Exclusive photo. Image ABS-CBN
I tested to visit leak-video.info and found interesting facts.

Firstly, it has a fake youtube video with ads.
Ads below fake Youtube
Ads below fake Youtube
Ads in the right side
Ads in the right side
ads on the right
ads on the right
Fake Youtube video could not play. When right-click, it is disabled too. When clicked play button, nothing happen and instead it displayed an error in the browser's status bar.

What the user did not know is, it automatically shared on their timeline without their knowledge.
Fake Youtube on Vhong Navarro
Fake Youtube on Vhong Navarro
 For the first-time view, it displays Like box of Trending videos (incremented tremendously) .
Like Box Trending Videos
Like Box Trending Videos
 Why you should not click it?

  • It is FAKE and SPAM
  • It will post without your prior knowledge
  • It shares FALSE information
  • Potentially exposed your sensitive information like Name, Login details, Contact, Email, and Bank Account
  • They earn rather Facebook likes and shares


Vhong Navarro's caught CCTV footage is simply does not exists.

Before anything else, we do suggest that you must research first about the video – its authenticity. If you are a risk-taker to click out of curiosity then go and visit it, however, please take extra precaution.

To verify if the CCTV footage is real, you should look it first on reliable news bureau.

Also, don't get easily attracted on the title and photo displayed.

Arm yourself with the TRUE information.


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