13 January 2014

Valentine's Day Is Fast Approaching. But You Need To Know this Useless App

Looking for a special someone this 2014? Want to know who is your lucky Valentine this coming 2014?

Find out but be aware of this circulating app.

I am not surprised that Valentine's day will be NEXT month but rather with this FLOODED Facebook Valentine app particularly, Who will be your Valentine's 2014? that has been circulated on Facebook groups.

One thing I could say, I am certainly not over-exaggerating things like this. However, as part of analysis, I concluded that it is a USELESS app and could expose sensitive information from the user to those who made the app.

To bring you insight about Who will be your Valentine's 2014, I experienced and experimented it on my own.

Who will be Your Valentine's 2014 is a Facebook app that offers a good chance to know who is the valentine partner for 2014.

It could be accessed directly here: https://apps.facebook.com/yourvalentiness/

This app only promises because I have seen more people with the same picture and not their partners and own photo.

At first, I tried one of its shorten URLs from TINYURL (sample: http://tinyurl.com/o3nheap ) to experiment on how it actually works when it is not logged with Facebook.

After visiting the link, it redirected me to some kind of hacking blog page.

And it is redirected again to isstory.com/vtine where you can find sort of valentine design.

Of course, it displayed Error message because I did not logged in in the Facebook.
Now, for the exciting part, I did try it again with Logged Facebook account.

First, it will prompt you on what information would the app gathers. See below.

 Then it will ask you what setting would be appropriate to post for you. I set to Only Me just to be sure, I will not flood in the group.
 After clicking Okay button, it displayed what it intended to do. I have a image below but there is no other half information. Its supposed to have a partner though. App failed to display.
When I clicked Save and Share, it redirected me to another with full of ads page. And that Continue and Preview button is part of the ads.

Question: Where do I find my saved and shared content?
Answer: It does not directly answers you.

But instead, I visit my profile and it shares. I did not know if it shares also from the Group. But I am sure it floods to other group because I found this TINYURL in different groups.


While its fun to know who will your partner in Valentine's day, be sure, it is WORTH. This Who will be your Valentine's 2014? is an example of USELESS, Flooding, and might be dangerous app.

Image taken from screenshots

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