07 January 2014

Samsung Unveils Security Camera: SmartCam HD & SmartCam HD Outdoor

Samsung announced its security featured two camera during at CES 2014, SmartCam HD and SmartCam HD Outdoor, both WIFI powered IP cameras that could stream at 1080p and have a wide angle lenses of 128 degrees view.

These new set of security cameras can be controlled by using mobile app.

Are you ready to install it in your own house?

Both SmartCam HD ($179) and SmartCam HD Outdoor ($229) cameras use 2MP, 1/2.8 inch CMOS sensor, and IR CUT filter (for enhanced daytime and nighttime video capture). It could streamed both at 1080p playback with 128 degrees wide angle view.

Moreover, SmartCam's system full-packed with Motion Zone Selection, an application that create option where to detect and specify location in a particular area. In addition, both records directly to camera with a memory card up to 32GB. 
SmartCam HD

The difference, however, that SmartCam HD has 16ft range only compared to SmartCam HD Outdoor's 50ft range.


SmartCam HD & SmartCam  HD Outdoor expected to be available on March 2014.

Samsung SmartCam HD Outdoor
Samsung SmartCam HD Outdoor

  • SmartCam HD ($179) 
  • SmartCam HD Outdoor ($229)

Images credit: Mashable

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