15 January 2014

Finally, Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs & Features Officially Revealed

A top-notch on graphics capabilities! Its 2560×1440 resolution SUPER AMOLED display with 8-core processor plus metal body. Brace yourself with this Samsung's latest flagship!

At the International CES 2014, we could expect that Samsung will finally ship its new Galaxy S5 model few months from now. While rumors and concepts are circulating on tech community, some mysteries somewhat revealed exclusively by SamMobile

SamMobile learned from an insider, who also "confirmed" some of the specs and features of Samsung Galaxy S5, the company’s next-generation flagship Android handset.

SamMobile exclusively giving specs about the rumored Samsung Galaxy S5.

Image credit to BGR
Here are summarized revelations.
  • Comes with both METAL and Plastic Versions. Metal cost €800 Euros ($1,092) and plastic cost €650 Euros($888).
  • It is not announced whether premium metal version will be named Galaxy F or what.
  • Sports with AMOLED display of 2560x1440 resolution but unable to confirm the size. However, rumors tell its 5.25-inch sized.
  • Camera features 16MP rear-facing.
  • Running on Android 4.4 Kitkat version
  • Featured by either Exyno 6 processor or Snapdragon 805 but depends on LTE-enabled or not.
  • It is expected to be Exyno 6 processor that powers 8-cores simultaneously.
  • However, S5 confirmed to be the first smartphones to sport Snapdragon 805 CPU which ideally higher performance.
  • Availability  made in March, likely in London, followed by a launch in early April.
Image credit to gottabemobile.com


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